Steve’s Wargames Page


This page provides a quick overview of my miniature wargaming hobby. I've been indulging in this enjoyable form of lunacy for the past fifty years or so. It combines modelling, collecting, history and pretending to be a general in a satisfying fashion.

If you want to find out more about the hobby, and the periods I play, have a look at the background. If you are a wargamer already, you will probably want to look at all the free Rules and Scenarios, and possibly at the Gallery.

Hope you enjoy the page. Last updated 9th Feb 2024. Steve Burt.

In the unlikely event that you actually use any of the rules or scenarios I've posted here, I would appreciate hearing about it!

I live just outside Cambridge, UK. Fellow gamers are always welcome to get in contact.

For more info or feedback, e-mail me at